Interactive Faith – Who is your God

Who is your God?

For millennia people have known that a higher being exists. As they planted their crops, hoping for rain, they assumed they needed to inspire the “gods” to produce rain so their crops would grow. They tried to figure out who was their GOD.

Ever since the Fall into sin, human beings have wanted the status of “god.” They want to be GOD. They want to play GOD.

But who exactly is the one true God? What is he like? What are his attributes? What is his will? What does he do? What amazing blessings become ours as we get to know our God better?

Pastor Gary Pufahl, pastor of Christ Lutheran Church in Big Bend, WI, and chairman of the WELS Adult Discipleship, leads an online Interactive Faith Bible Study exploring the theme: Who is your God, for whom you live?

You will desire to “take off your sandals” as you stand before God, but you will also walk with joy in your heart as God lifts you from the dust.

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