Marriage Enrichment – Distracted Marriage

Our world is spectacular in many helpful ways, but our crazy world has also made finding love and support more difficult than ever. Everyone is so preoccupied and busy; who can pay attention long enough to love?

Who can? Your Lord. He’s over all, he's seen it all, and most of all, he can help you through it all. He wants to. He brought you to himself at the high price of his Son. He brought you to your spouse and dearly wants what is best for you both. Together.

A weekend for our marriage? What could we possibly talk about?

  • Daily devotions
  • Communicate
  • Turn-it-off
  • Worship
  • Communicate
  • Fighting fair
  • Listening well
  • Date night
  • Struggle-stoppers
  • Planned intimacy
  • Stop the disconnections

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