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Get away together...
to unravel the mystery of marriage. Your marriage.

Have you heard someone say, "Marriage shouldn’t be this hard." Who says so? An aspiring pro baseball player would never say, "Hitting a fastball shouldn’t be so hard!" An aspiring novelist wouldn’t say, "It shouldn’t be so hard to create compelling characters." So why is marriage so hard?

Here’s God’s own answer, "Marriage is a profound mystery."

Marriage is a profound mystery.

In Ephesians 5:32 Paul calls marriage literally, a "mega-mystery." The word mystery is sometimes translated secret. In some ways, that’s a better word. Mystery seems to imply it can’t be solved. Secret means there is an answer and it’s entirely possible to know it.

It’s entirely possible for you to know, feel and act on the secret to a great marriage.

What’s the mystery/secret?

God had in mind the gospel of Jesus when he designed marriage. Then he used marriage to teach the gospel. The gospel is this: you are more sinful and flawed than you ever knew and yet in Jesus you are more loved by God than you ever dreamed. The truth about marriage is this: you and your spouse are not compatible. But you are forgiven and received by Jesus to forgive and keep each other. The gospel gives you the power to be married. Marriage gives you a way to show the gospel. In fact, your marriage will only work to the degree that you appreciate and follow the pattern of God’s selfless love in Christ. Do for your spouse as God has done for you; the rest will follow. But how?

Unravel the mystery together

Get away together. Relax together. Laugh together. Unravel the mystery of marriage together. Learn from the five "Mysterious Marriage" sessions. Practice actions that will make your marriage more rewarding and more wondrous. Commit together. Pray together.

Your marriage will only work to the degree that you appreciate and follow the pattern of God’s selfless love in Christ.

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