The Book of Judges – Interactive Faith

Download the study guides for "Breaking the Cycle with Grace", a study of the book of Judges by Rev. David Scharf.

Find videos of the study in the archive.

Before starting the study, take the quiz provided and see how well you do!  Most won’t get 100%, which means this is just the study to learn more.  But even if you do get 100%, there’s more the Holy Spirit can teach you while working through this study.  An answer guide is provided so that you can “self-correct.”

Downloadable resources

Book of Judges QuizDownload
Book of Judges Quiz - Answer KeyDownload
Palestine in the Time of the JudgesDownload
Map of the Judges in IsraelDownload
Judges - Lesson 1 Download
Judges - Lesson 2Download
Judges - Lesson 3Download
Judges - Lesson 4Download
Judges - Lesson 5 Download
Judges - Lesson 6 Download
The Angel of the LordDownload
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